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Edisto Island - Sea Island Group
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Edisto Island Specialist

I have been coming to Edisto for the past 15 years and have owned several properties including my home which I now reside as a full time resident in the Hammocks at Jeremy Inlet.  During the past 30 years I have been involved with real estate of one form or another, from buying and selling both commercial and residential property to developing several parcels and converting some turn of the century buildings into condos and homes.  I love my career in real estate.  I have always enjoyed helping people trying to navigate through the always fluctuating real estate market.  I know it can be intimidating to some but our job as professional Realtors is to take that fear ourt of it so it can be as an enjoyable experience for you as possible.  I have the experience to help you evaluate your home or property to arrive at a price that will generate a sale in a more timely fashion, along with guiding you through the process. The most valuable lesson that I was taught by my peers was total honesty and up front frankness.  There is no sense in misleading someone to just get a sale or a client.  I would never have gotten as far in my career as I did if that were the case.  I would like to build relationships that last and I will do that through honesty and earning your trust (The old fashion way).

I am part of the Carolina One Sea Island Group here in Edisto.  We have an extremely good team that has the same values that I have and I enjoy working with them.  If you have a home or a piece or property that you would like to sell or are interested in purchasing one of the fine homes or properties here on Edisto, I would love the opportunity to help you with it.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I can be of help sometime in the future.

  • Land Specialist
  • Home Specialist
  • Constantly shopping for deals
  • I live on the Island
  • Call me 24/7
  • Fishing Pro
  • Hunting Pro
  • Call for any of your needs no mater how trivial they seem.
  • Enjoy life on the Beach

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