Search to Close in 68 Days

To begin a new home seach that concludes with a smooth closing in just 68 days is impressive especially when the following complicating factors are considered:
  • Out-of-state move
  • Employment and income not verified
  • Existing home sale required
The above factors are likely to cause a realtor to take minimal if any interest, but Steve Kaul took an immediate interest and helped us toward a smooth closing.  Steve performed all of what would be expected of a real estate agent; but, what really made the relationship a success was all the additional things he did that are not expected of a typical agent!
Dan and Stephanie

I did not have the chance to say a big thank you!! for all that you do to support my family setup in US.
You did a terrific job from the very beginning - the house you found is beautiful, my family is really happy, you gave me very good support to review and sign the rental agreement, as well as detecting minor details during the walkthrough.

Dear Steve,
It seems fitting to write this thank-you on the (first-year) anniversary of our closing.  I have been thinking a lot lately about how your presence, calm demeanor, knowledge and conscientiousness made our first home-buying experience as painless as it could possibly have been.
What we so appreciated in you was your sincere desire to marry us to a property that fulfilled our current desires and needs, was within our budget, AND was a good investment.  You did not impose your own ideals/needs/wants onto our situation; you simply weighed all the factors and gave us your best advice.  For that, we are grateful.
Nancy (and Michael)

After being on the market for 6 months, we were starting to worry about selling our home.  We decided to switch to Carolina One Real Estate with Steve Kaul as our realtor.  Right away we were impressed with his charisma, knowledge, and skill.  With Steve as our realtor, the house sold within 2 months.  We will definitely choose Carolina One and Steve Kaul as our realtor again!
Michael and Dena

It is with great pleasure that we write to recommend the services of Steve Kaul.

He listened to what we wanted and did not pressure us to look beyond the parameters we set.  He showed us many possible houses and was very supportive throughout our search.
We were incredibly impressed with his knowledge in the field, professionalism, no-pressure approach and amazing attention to detail; he always had our special request/must have (back yard facing SW/no major road close by) in mind by ensuring the direction before showing the house and bringing a compass for when it was cloudy.  He was always punctual and quick to provide requested information.
The entire process, from the day we signed the contract with him to be our realtor to the day we closed on our house was only a matter of weeks.  His advice and guidance through the process was invaluable.  He did a fantastic job keeping everyone on schedule and ensuring we received all the necessary paperwork to make our purchase smooth and painless.
His care and support didn't stop there - he also ensured the lawn in the front and back yard got mowed before we moved in!
Anyone that buys or sells property in Charleston and does not use Steve will surely have a less than optimal experience.
Thanks again!
Sincerely, Achim and Angelika

I really appreciate all of Steve's efforts (to sell my house) and wish I had made the switch (to Steve) much sooner.
Tyler Stone